[Speech Recognition Plugin] Permission for Voice Recognition

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Published on 2019-01-24 by Hugo 
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Published on 2019-01-24 by Hugo 


I am using voice recognition on a mobile app (android) version 11.

Below is a screenshot from my code. 

When I run this it is my expectation that  when it gets to the "requestPermission2" action, my device will display a pop up so that the user can give permission? Yet. this does not happen. It goes straight into the Voice recognition permission denied message with error code 2 and success = false. 

Why is this happening? How can I get permission from the device?

Thanks so much!


Did you see this sample?
Maybe, you can find in this sample the help that you need.

If not, tell us.


Hi Vonnelize,

You never check if speech recognition is available. For that use "isRecognitionAvailable" action. 

I checked the component and the ErrorCode 2 is "Speech Recognition is unavailable"



Hi everyone,

For anyone just now tuning in, this discussion has been more active on Vonnelize's other topic on the subject. Given it is directly related to the Speech Recognition Plugin, I took the liberty of closing that topic so discussion can continue here.

Vonnelize, can you check if there have been any errors reported by MABS while generating your APK?

If not, can you debug on device and check if there are any runtime errors when the app first runs (and loads the plugins)?