How to redirect PING SSO authentication login screen on click of logout

The application is integrated with Ping SSO authentication, In our application implementing an logout functionality, we are Trying to clear application cookies to redirect the Login screen still not working.

Is it possible to clear the cookies browser level? are any other solutions.

Hi Sachin,

If you take a look at the logout button code, you'll see once it logs the user out it will redirect to the login page:

The login page does not have any security so it wont trigger the security exception.

You did not explain to us how the Ping SSO is initiated on your app, so I'm assuming the most common case which is, the user tries to open the home page, is not logged in, a security exception is triggered and then it's redirected to the Ping SSO login page.

So on the logout you can try to redirect the user to the home page in order to trigger the security exception.

From this point on your millage may vary, you may need to explicitly logout the user on the Ping side.



Hello Rui Barbos,

Thanks for the response, We are not using a common login screen as Ping is integrated just enabled the site properties as UseSSO to true, even a tried logout method will not redirect to sign on screen :(

The app will redirect when we clear all browser cookies, But site-level clearing the cookies it won't work

Please let me know if there any solution. 


That is what I am saying Sachin.

Again for a default behavious since you haven't disclose what you are using (is it iDP?)

Find all usages of that site property.

On the no permissions, which is the handler of the security exception there should be an if that redirects to the ping login page.

What I am suggesting is that you logout the user and redirect him to a secure page to cause the security exception so the login process can start again.

if you are using the iDP component check the documentation here


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