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My customer is in the process of migrating OS10 (java) to OS11. There are extensions that are written in java in OS 10. 

What actions are required when migrating to OS 11? Do I need to rewrite the extensions manually in .NET? Or is there any automated way to do this?

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Arunkumar Balu

Hi Arunkumar Balu,

I did not encounter this problem but I found this blog for your case


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You only need to worry at least about a couple of things:

- do you have specific java extensions, you will need to fix those

- do you have specific code to check on id's in html, those can be broken as well.

but basically, setup a separate environment where you migrate a couple of applications and test them.

make sure they cover a range of functions


Look to this article too.

Thanks for the answers. It helps