SendEmail action was previously working but has now stop working for unknown reasons

Error Message received from Service Center:
"Error sending email 7: 555 5.5.2 Syntax error. 14sm201740gxk.10
RCPT TO: <>"

eSpace attached.

Hi Robert,


the "RCPT TO: <>" in the error message hints that your destination address is empty/invalid.


Fixing the "To/CC/BCC " values in sendmail should work.




Hi Lúcio

What values would be valid?

(Currently the TO field contains an email address in the following format "")

The format is right, but I imagine the value is empty.


Please check the email logs in ServiceCenter/Monitoring/Email Log. If they are not empty, let me know the values that appear in the To/CC/BCC.




After further investigation it was found that all values passed into the sendemail are infact valid,
however in service center the "Redirect Emails To Test List:" checkbox was selected without a valid test  email address.

Hence the reason for causing the error message,
"Error sending email 7: 555 5.5.2 Syntax error. 14sm201740gxk.10 
RCPT TO: <>" as the
 "TO" values passed from the eSpace were never used.

This is good information. I'll forward this information to the maintenance team in order to make sure such configuration is invalid.