Help with installing TinyMCE plugins

Good afternoon all, we are looking at TinyMCE as an editor for a project.   I have the base editor working following the guidelines in this tutorial.

However, I'm struggling to get plugins to work with tinymce.   Based on the tiny documentation, It looks like we should just be able to specify which plugins we are using in the toolbar: plugins: sections of the init.   But when I try to run my demo I get the attached error.  (which is accurate because when I import the advlist resource into my project it's set as /TinyMCE/plugin.min.js)

I thought maybe I could create sub-directories in the project resources and manually set up the TinyMCE/tiny/plugins/advlist/ path but Service Center will not let me create nested folders.   At this point I'm kind of stuck, any suggestions?   


Hi Josh,

I need some clarification, what do you mean by service center doesn't allow you to create nested folders?

It should be service studio on the resource properties, just like the image on the documentation...

Set the proper Deploy Action in the resources.

On the target directory put what ever you want, something like:

I guess I'm missing something, can you elaborate


I always mix up service center and service studio.   (Wish OS would give them more distinct names)

I realized last night that I was missing the target directory field when I imported resources.   I should have come back and deleted the question, but got busy importing all of the plugins and forgot.  

Thanks for your response though!