Outsystems Wallpaper

How do you like this attached wallpaper?

I'm kind of missing out on Outsystems merchandise so I think the wallpaper is a good start. :)



I'm already using it.



Tiago Simões

Fantastic. I'm already feeling «the Force» :)

Nice. I made a 1280x800 version.



Nice. Try out a cell phone version, attached.
Hi guys!  I love the wall paper.  While we don't have a corporate standard for this I wanted to share the one I am using.  I am sure there are more so I hope others share aw well.  
Here's one I did, playing with some smoke and PS effects.
Playing a bit with glows.

Here are two other versions...1900x1200

I like what you guys have created, but just keep in mind that with black or very dark backgrounds we should use the simple b&w OutSystems logo and not the shaped logo with the glow. :)
One more, this one with a bokeh effect.
Wow; that's a lot of postings with very nice backgrounds.
This is what you get when using outsystems; tons of spare time. :)
Developers shifting to other hobby's.
Great wallpapers you have there. Keep'em coming!


Paulo Tavares

Here's a simple space themed wallpaper I created on my first week here at Outsystems. Hope you enjoy it :)