Mobile Development Sidebar Bug in Outsystems or Bug in my Specific Project

. I have made it to the “Sidebar Exercise” portion of the introductory level courses and appear to have stumbled into a roadblock that I can’t decide if it’s a problem in what I have done in earlier steps or perhaps a bug in the Sidebar of the new Outsystems Version 11 UI module.

From what I understand of this project I should be able to see the sidebar menu when I have the “Show All Placeholders” option selected however my screen doesn’t change regardless of either the “Show All Placeholders” or “Hide placeholders” options which prevents me from customizing the sidebar to serve as a “search menu” for the “Tasks” application being designed in the exercises.

I was hoping to get a second pair of eyes to see if I have done something wrong or to confirm that Outsystems Version 11’s Sidebar isn’t working as intended. Below are a couple of pictures that I think should help in understanding my likely confusing email here as I continue to understand and learn about the Outsystems software.

This first picture simply shows the exercise instructions so you have a bit of detail to go off of


The second picture is what I actually see in my environment.


This final picture is from the ToDo.oap file that can be opened from within Outsystems all the way from the last exercise so I could attempt to compare my version with an Outsystems made one.

Now if I am not mistaken since it is only step 1.c I should see the menu shown in the third picture in my second picture however no matter what I seem to do this “Sidebar Menu” will never appear in my application.

Hi Lance Perardi,

I think in OutSystems 11 the Side bar does not show in right like the one shown in the exercise, instead it show in the bottom of the page and not to worry  about this as it is in design time only. It will show perfectly on the app once you publish it.

You can also use the widget tree to edit the side bar.

Hope it helps you.