Activation code and serial number

Hi outsystems team

someone can explain me (difference between Activation Code and Serial number)

I received an Activation code from my outsystems adminastristor ending  with AOU

I used this Activation code to transfer my app from personal environment to enterprise environment.

I follow the IPP.

I received the followingemail

The IP rights of your applications could not be granted!

 The Intellectual Property rights of the application(s) you requested could not be granted due to a rule that prevents uploading solutions from a Personal to an Enterprise environment.
 For more information reach out to the OutSystems technical support -  The IP rights of your applications could not be granted .

In my opinion,may be the received activation code is worng.

someone guide me please.



There is a rule that you can not transfer applications from PE to a paid license in OutSystems.

You could create a support case and ask OutSystems if they can remove the IPP from your PE applications. If they will do that I doubt.



Hi May Zin Linn,

I have done it. I have created a support ticket and they sent me a mail to use the IPP transfer file to my PE to the Enterprise Env. Please talk with the Outsystems support they will give you the permission to transfer it. I hope it will be resolved by the Support Team.

Thank you,


Thanks ,everyone for reply

I also create a support ticket and waiting for mail.

By the way Sudip,how long waiting for mail.

I was got an email from support within a day. But sometime it will take time to get a response. Please tell them about your urgency. they will take care of it as per your priority level.

Hi Sudip

I am sorry for more question want to ask you.Please guide me.

Today I get mail from outsystems support with free IPP right.I thinks I can move my app as soon as.

but I don't understand .osp file.I downloaded the app with IPP grante from mail and I go to my enterprise environment navigate to Factory>>> solution>>>>Upload & Publish Solution 

I don't know how to continue.

please point me.



1. Press the upload button

2. Select the file you received by mail

3. Press the 1-click publish button



Thanks you Daniel for you answer.

but I have some problems because I get the file from the outsystems is .oml and need to publish file is .osp file.

you can check the picture.



You can load an OML directly in Service Studio.

1. Open Service Studio

2. Drag the file to it, it will be opened.

3. Publish it

It will most likely be stored in the Independent Modules application. 

4. Go to Independent Modules application.

5. Click on the move icon to move it to the application of which the module should be part.