Converting call to jsf into aspx extension

We're moving in the near future from a java stack to a .NET stack and I was wondering if we can somehow translate calls to *.jsf pages into *.aspx pages. We have a ton of emails sent in the past with a link to our application that consists of jsf pages, but once we move to the .NET envrionment, those links will fail of course.

Is there somehow some setting in IIS or a wrapper we can put in front of OutSystems servercalls to translate jsf into apsx?

It is mainly a problem with mails, calls from screens to screens will be handled properly wit hthe GetPageExtension function, but links in older mails will become problematic. And it's not that we can say to users, ignore the old mails and you're not allowed to click on those links any more.

Hi Peter,

This can be done from service center  Outsysems SEO friendly URL

You can also use IIS url rewrite module in which you can write your own rules to route the web page

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Devendra Baghel



OutSystems has a SEO configuration where you can change the domain, module and page name, so you configure the URL as you want.


Hi Nuno, thanks for your reply. I've looked at the link you've mentioned and also at some Microsoft documentation about SEO rules and it looks promissing and what we need in fact.

Unfortunately we cannot test it yet, since we are still on the Java stack, but we give it a try once we have a development .NET machine up and running.