Google Plus Login Plugin not working with One signal Plugin - not working on IOS

Hello, We are building an app that requires us to use Google Login Plugin and One Signal Notifications plugin. but seems like one signal is not working properly with google login plugin on IOS.

We are using OutSystems 10, and building a mobile app. 

So far we have tried lower the version of Google Login Plugin and Onesignal but still not working.

NOTE: both plugins are working separately, we have tested them independently and working fine.

- the issue is that we aren't able to make one signal working when we included the google login plugin.

Anyone already use this 2 plugins at the same time on a mobile app?

Which mabs version are we talking about?

Vitor David wrote:

Which mabs version are we talking about?

We're using Mabs 5.2

Sorry to kinda hijack this thread but i just wanted to confirm it. 

Its indeed a general problem regarding the Google login plugin from Mabs 5.2, 6.0 and 6.1. Im using firebase for the push notifications and its not working aswell. If you ever find the solution please let me know i will keep searching aswell.