Parallel execution

Parallel execution


In some scenarios, web screens my be 'overloaded' with information. Sometimes, the screen itself can be refactored but sometimes this is not possible. In that case it requires a lot of queries/actions in the screen preparation. They do not have to be executed one by one because in most cases, they do not depend on each other.
I would suggest the creation of a new widget that allows for parallel execution to improve performance on screen preparations. Obviously, all single parallel paths must be joined first before the End widget is reached and the screen can be rendered.

Any ideas, comments?
Hi Mark,

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

I think one way to achieve a result similar to what you described is use Ajax late load on the different containers on your screen (for table records, there is the List_LateLoad widget available in the RichWidgets eSpace that does exactly this).

With this solution, you would render your screen with only basic information and, on load, trigger different Ajax actions that would refresh different and independent parts of your screen.

Do you think this could fit your needs?

Im complex situations, one other solution would be to implement an extension that encapsulates the Java or .Net threading API. But I suppose your idea was exactly having these smonehow built-in the OutSystems Agile Platform.

Again, thanks a lot for your idea!

Best Regards,
Daniel Lourenço