Error using MySQL as linked server: "failed to retrieve conenction details".

Error using MySQL as linked server: "failed to retrieve conenction details".

I am trying to import entities from a remote MySQL database using Integration Studio. First I created an ODBC datasource on the Windows 2003 server. I then created a linked server in SQL Server 2005.

In SQL Server I can see the databases on the MySQL server and I can also open the databases and the underlying tables.

In Integration Studio I can see the databases on the linked server as well, but when I select a database I get the following errormessage:

"Error retrieving tables: ssServiceCenter.ExcptIntegrationStudio: Failed to retrieve <MySQLServer> connection details from Database".

Has anyone seen this message before and can anyone provide me with a solution?

Kind regards, Dick van der Reijden
Although this error is still not resolved I found a way around using views in SQL Server.

In SQL server I created a view for every external table (I created a seperate database containing the views). In Integration Studio I then import the views from SQL Server as entities.

When creating the views in SQL Server make sure you use the OPENQUERY function:


And finally... grant the appropriate privileges to the views for user OSRuntime.

Thanks for this interesting post.

I've never had such a requirement but I have worked with OPENQUERY before. One note: when working with those VIEWs be careful with SQL JOIN statements.The tables willl be completely fetched which may bring a lot of bad performance to your application.