Can I create this tournament App as a Free User?

Hey guys,

I'm currently a student finishing my degree in Informatics, I was asked by a friend who's in front of a football team to develop an App for a tournament, ocurring in a few months. 

He asked me to build a simillar app to "FlashScore", where we could find the teams in the tournament with its players and staff, the games they have ahead, the groups and results, the information of the game while its ocurring and all the tournament information. 

The app would also need a backoffice to add/change the results and all the informations about the games while they're ocurring (like a goal was scored or a yellow card was shown).

Do you think I'm going to be able to develop this app with the free edition of Outsystems? I'm a bit scarred to give my word and say I'll do it only to find out its not possible latter on... 

Thank you!

Please, check this set of information about Personal Environment.

What's an OutSystems personal environment?

And look to this post about the users limit.


Hello Freitas,

For what you are saying the Personal Environment should be enough, just don't forget to keep using your PE otherwise it will go to sleep.

With the best regards,