Hey OS Champions, 

I am working for a client who is encountering major page load time issues. One major point that came out of my analysis is the number of js(35 odd) and css(10+) being fetched whenever a user accesses the page first time.  Is there a way that platform can minify and bundle these js and css files together during deployments. 

I bumped into a couple of posts in community , but those were for version 9 and seem obsolete for version 11 we are using. Would really appreciate a any pointers on this .

Hi Tushar,

Are those JS and CSS files from OutSystemsUI/other themes that come with the platform or were developed by the team? If they are from the team I'd recommend reviewing why there's such an enormous amount of JS files needed.

Either way I'm not sure if the concatenation that was talked about on version 9 (Amsterdam) is still available. There is however this: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Reference/OutSystems_APIs/outsystems.api.preloader_API

It prefetches static resources and can help on the loading times.