Difference Between default and effective value?

What is the difference between Default Value and Effective Value? i am having trouble understanding the concept behind it, can someone please explain it with a real time example?

Hi Harshit,

When you declare a variable and don't assign any value to it. variable has default value which will be according to type of variable. Like for an integer it will be 0.

For effective value, don't think there is any term like this. Value which will be assigned to variable will be effective if no value assign then default value will be effective.


Hi Harshit Turkar,

These two concepts make sense for Site Properties (and Timers and Web Service Endpoints).

Default Value is the value the developer defined at design time the element should initially have (a Site Property's default value, the default schedule and timeout of a Timer, the endpoint of a SOAP Web Service/REST API).

At runtime, the value the element actually has can be changed (either programatically or via Service Center). This value is called the effective value. Once the value of these elements has been explicitly modified at runtime, the default value is never used, even if the developer changes it in the code and publishes the module again.

Hope this explanation helps!

Good explain. Thanks Jorge.

Just adding an extra tidbit,

For the elements I mentioned, it is possible to inspect what is/was their default value. So you can for instance reset a site property and make its effective value equal to its default value again, or reset the schedule of a timer to what the developer originally defined at design time.