CSS not refreshed dynamically

Hi all,

I am applying a style to a button which is dynamic.

I am changing the opacity of the button dynamically on users action in mobile.

so the change is not being applied.

So i mean to say is there any way to refresh styling of that button like ajax refresh.

This i am trying to implement in mobile.

Thanks in advance:)


Hi Dhiraj,

In mobile runtime, the changes should be automatically be applied. Can you share some code or example?


António Pereira

Hello Dhiraj,

Like António said in mobile there's no need to refresh anything, most likely you have some piece of CSS that is overriding what you want. I recommend you to inspect and try to figure that out.

With the best regards,


Hi Dhiraj,

I'm not sure what you wanted to build, but I tried something with your idea.

As you see the button on the screen has a normal opacity. I named it ButtonOnScreen1. After that I put a piece of JavaScript in the User-action 'ButtonOnClick' what changes the opacity of ButtonOnScreen1.

Of course you can put this JavaScript in other User-actions in the screen than this ButtonOnClick, with different opacityvalues.

In this situation when you click the button, the opacity changes to 0.5. The only way to test is to publish and try the actions yourself.

Let me know if this was what you were looking for.

Kind Regards,

Evert-Jan van den Broek