[OutSystems Charts] [Charts] Label not showing on data refresh

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Published on 7 Sep (3 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 7 Sep (3 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D

Hello guys, i am having a problem on rendering the correct Label on Charts (using reactive app).

Basicly my data is (#1- Label: A , Value 100) and (#2- Label: B, Value 200) . When I load the graph with a filter to show #1  all is good, when I switch the filter to "show all" the #2 column shows the label with the number 1 instead of "B".

The weird part is, if I force to start with the "show all" and filter back and forth everything works smooth.

Also had similar problem on switching the suffix of an Axis when affected to a input parameter.

Attached an OML with some tests i did around this. Hope it's just me messing something up :)


I try to understand your problem and found that if try to debug the app it works correctly (image below). This is a weird behaviour... But I will continue look at this to try to found the "bug".