[After downloaded the Application with IPP granted]How to continue to move app

Hi everyone

sorry for my not enough knowledge ,I need help

so let talk about my problem

I am trying to move my app from Personal env to Enterprise env.

Today I get the application with IPP granted from outsystems support team.

so I try to deploy this app in my Enterprise env belong the guide line of IPP potal.

I am faceing a problem like the picture

the application I get from outsystems team is .oml file and Manifest XML file.

where is .osp file and how can I upload.

Additional explaination:

I used two extension salesforce connectors and .net file extension.

I beleive there is an experience person who can help me.


may zin linn

Hi May Zin Linn,

If you got a single OML, then you just need to go to the Factory section of Service Center and use the the Modules tab (a module's file extension is .OML), instead of the Solutions tab (a solution's file extension is .OSP) tab.

I'm not exactly sure what that Manifest XML is for though... also, one OML file means one OutSystems module, I'd expect your two SalesForce connectors and .net file extension will need to go through IPP as well or, if they are Forge components, need to be installed from the Forge on the Enterprise environment.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Jorge

I will follow your sugession.