How to create Payment gateway via out systems.

how can I create a payment gateway for my movie app?

1) I need some logic to show the ticket cost which has 3 parts and that is : (Silver : 100 INR, Gold: 200 INR,Platinum: 300 INR) also the quantity of tickets purchased should be visble.

2) quantity of ticket should get multiplied with amount of ticket as mentioned above.

3) From where can I add pay through which is via Debit Cards or Credit cards.

I am new to outsystems so I am facing issues but it is better to be open to it as I will learn a lot from you all, please kindly guide me through this.

thank you.

Hello Pratik

Regarding point 1 and 2, it's pretty simple you don't need any external component to do that, you just need to develop your own shop cart.

The 3 point is a litle more tricky, there are plenty of companys that provide APIs to make payment, you need to check what company you need to use and check the documentation they provide in order to understand the procedure.

With the best regards,


Hi Pratik, 

Can you please which payment getaways you want to used in your application. For Most payment getaways you can check forge component. 

For other payment getaways, If not available on forge then you need to use that payment APIs to consume in your application. 

Apart then Payment, For point 1 and 2, You just need to create screen and manage logic as per your requirement. It will do in Outsystems very easily.