Problems in the mobile version that aren't happening in the desktop version

Disclaimer: my app isn't a reactive template, it is a traditional web, i'm refactoring the front-end and trying to find a way to make it work both in mobile and desktop.

Well the problems are in the screenshots, what i want to know: are these bugs in the mobile visualization a bug caused by something wrong that the previous team made or is it a limitation of the traditional web template?

edit1: more images of my problem at



Hi Lucca,

From my experience, the base desktop themes won't always respond gracefully on mobile screens without extra work.

Reading what you wrote, it seems you're taking over existing work - does the app have a Theme module? Has there been substantial CSS written in order to override the existing theme?


Hello Lucca, 

I'll second Afonso's comment. 

About Traditional Web Applications:

1. Depending on the theme used, it may work better or worsee in mobile. 

2. When the app is been developed, if not tested for mobile, it is easy for the team to apply customized CSS that will not work on Mobile (small screens). 

You can test your app, in 'mobile', but in the Browser, selecting the mobile visualization at the top left of the canvas. It will open your application in browser simulating a mobile. This way you can inspect the fault elements and assess if the problem is the base theme CSS or customized CSS, and test on how to solve it. 

Remember, the application will apply different classes to the screen, depending on  where your application is being accessed from. 

The classes applied are desktop, tablet and phone. 

You can use them to customize the CSS for specific devices. 

You also have some widgets that can help you decide how/what to show depending on the device, and functions to detect the device type and OS. 

Hope this helps. 

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