Outsystems Does Not Work In Firefox


 I kind of having trouble when trying to use OutSystems in Firefox. When I tried to open the webpage using Firefox, this thing happen:

When the console was opened:

But, It does not affect Chrome at all:

Is there workaround or fix for this problem?

Hi JoeD,

Are you checking this in Private Window of Firefox, I do face same issue for Reactive Web when I tried to access it in Private Window of Firefox.

Can you check error log in service center, You can find the error something like 

"Upgrade failed - unable to open the database.
Could not open database 'Users' "



Firefox is not the best browser to test Mobile.

If you are using Reactive/Mobile emulator, you probably need the local database. For that you should use Chrome.

Hi JoeD,

Sorry for the late response, that issue happens in firefox/edge private mode, but it should be fixed in Platform Server 11.8.

Tiago Simões

Still seeing this issue for Version 11.8.4 (Build 29614) 

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