Hi there,  

I have a BPT with external entity database.

In Activity One:

# First I insert into a table using advanced query: insert into T as select * from A, B, C

# Then I read the table.

In Activity Two:

# commit

# I  delete the record (using advance query). 

And what amazing is that sometimes i got error:

"Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction"

My question is that: 

# there are more than 1 instance BPT that is running at the same time

# does each instance is treated as different session?

# does this isolation level held?


# how to set isolation level pertransaction basis?

regards and thank you 


Maybe this could be of help to you.

Curious, why do you not commit the transaction in the first activity?

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I did the commit for the Second Activity before delete to release lock - before i did not put it and it is locked as well.

Is every bpt instance is a new session for mysql db?

For the link, do the same rules apply to external entity? - i use external entity mysql

regards and thank you


I would say, commit in the first activity already.

I have no answers to your other questions, sorry!