[CKEditor] Not able to put Email Signature in CK Editor

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Published on 26 May by Prasad Rao
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Published on 26 May by Prasad Rao

Hi All,

I am using a CKEditor on a email component to type the content of the email body and I want to display the email signature in the editor when the editor opens up on a button click for the user to type the content. I have lined an input box with the editor for typing. Currently the signature (which is retrieved from a server action) is showing outside the editor. How can we bring it inside at the lower part of the email body?


Hi Suprio,

You would need to add the signature text to the variable (using an assign widget)  that is assigned to the input widget used on the CKFlow\CKEditor webblock.



Hi Daniel,

I already tried that inside an action (assigning the value to the variable), yet it's not reflecting on the email body.

You will have to do an AjaxRefresh of the content you changed, if the assignment is not done in the Preperation.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your suggestion. The signature is now appearing but the image in signature is not loading.

Is there anything else need to do to get the image in CKEditor ?


Is your syntax like this:

<a href="<yoururltotheimage"></a>

You could try

<a href="https://www.jalinkverhuur.nl/images/businessman%20(4).png"></a>

It should show an image