Dynamic Breadcrumbs

How to have a dynamic breadcrumb that controls the current screen and its parents ?

I have a screen that has more than one parent, (i can reach it from more than one screen)

how can i know from which screen i came from ?



You need to pass some identifiers and based on that set the breadcrumb dynamically using dynamic text/url.


Hi Muhamed,

You can use


under HTTPRequestHandler extension

This returns the url of the screen that referred as current screen. Call this in the header and use it to create list of pages traversed.

Create a session variable of Text List to store the list of referrer urls and you can display in the breadcrumbs.

However, three things to consider,

1. GetReferrrerURL returns the full url. You have to extract the parent screen name from referrer URL

2. During Submit actions GetReferrrerURL may return the same url as the screen itself. You have to handle this separately. That is if your last item in list is the same screen name, do not add the item..

3. Ensure that you maintain only list of previous 2 to 4 referrer urls only, otherwise your breadcrumb will overflow.

    - Delete first item in list if your list exceeds 4 after adding new referrer url.

    - Best practice is to add to referrer list only when any action or link inside the screen navigates to new screen.

    - Reset the session variable if menu item is selected to open a screen,

Hope this helps.



Hi Muhamed,

You need to maintain the source within the screen life cycle when you navigate to this screen with multiple sources.

Using a input variable is the easiest way of achieving that with a dedicated entity. Else you can always go for the session variable to maintain the same Noting there will be a timeout for the session variables.

If you have the source you can customize the link expression and destination to the source.



Hi Muhamed,

Did you get any solution for this? Because I have a requirement to achieve the same thing.



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