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Published on 12 Mar by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 12 Mar by OutSystems R&D


This is just a report.

When opening browser preview of my application which uses CheckKeyStorePlugin action of Key Store Plugin, "cordova is not defined" log appears in my Error Log of Service Center.

CheckKeyStorePlugin action is using CommonPlugin's GetOperatingSystem action before IsCordovaDefined action.
CommonPlugin's GetOperatingSystem action requres cordova.

  • Key Store Plugin 2.1.2 (O11)
  • Common Plugin 3.0.1 (O11)

Hi Takasi,

That is indeed a normal behavior, since you are running your application in the browser.

You can't run plugins in your browser, that's why it gives you the message "cordova is not defined". It happens with every plugin that you try to run in a browser (and not only with the Key Store Plugin).

Just try to open your application in a device (Android or iOS) and you won't have any problems :)

Hope it helps.

Rui Barradas