Dual Authentication (LDAP and Username/Password)


Is there a way to use integrated authentication when a user is accessing a web page in a company (where the LDAP domain is) and when a user is accessing the same web page outside the company the username and password would be prompted to the user?

Best regards,

Diogo Proença
Hi Diogo,

The Integrated Authentication login is done at the Web Server security level, while the internal authentication is executed in the OutSystems Platform itself. This means that, if a user accesses a screen with integrated authentication and fails to login, an HTTP 403 will be issued and the request will never reach the OutSystems platform.

Having this said, I think you have three different options for your problem:
  • Not doing what you want - simply have two different access URLs that users should use depending on where they are (inside or outsystems the Network).
  • Again not doing what you want - the user is always redirected to the login page, but in the login page you have a button "I am in the Network, let me in with integrated authentication".
  • Have a page with no authentication that detects if the user is in the network (maybe using the client IP or even with an client-side solution - eg. activeX - that detects if the user is logged in) and redirects the user to the correct login page.
All this customizations should be done at the login page level (normally in the Enterprise eSpace).

Best Regards,
Daniel Lourenço