Update dropdown options after selecting value from other dropdown in Reactive Web App


I have multiple dropdowns that are dependent to each other. When I select a value in the first dropdown then it will update the options in the second dropdown. I couldn't find an ajax refresh widget in the Reactive Web App.

Please help? Thanks in advance.

Hi Lloyd,

follow the below link it will for mobile app but same can do in reactive app


Ajax refresh is not available in reactive app because it is based on asynchronous process.

hope this will help you.


Rahul Sahu

Hi LIoyd,

In Reactive Web Apps you don't have ajax refresh. All the elements are reactives, you don't need to refresh anything. Read this article, it helps you to understand how it is works.



Hi Lloyd,

Reactive Web App doesn't have ajax refresh widget like traditional web.

- In order to update the second dropdown, you need to create an aggregate (fetch data) to fill the values of the second dropdown,

- after that you need to compare the id with the id selected in the first dropdown (Aggregate filter tab).

- Don't forget to add an Event On Change in the first dropdown that have an action with a Refresh Data that refreshes the aggregate related to the second aggregate.

Hope it helps.



You can use the OnChange Event of each Dropdown to run any logic and change the source lists that feed your Dropdowns

I've attached an example .OML

Thanks guys, it worked :)