Changing the URL that displays on a web app


We have an enterprise license with a few apps. The URL of all web apps are by default displaying as

How can we change the URL to be different according to each app, e.g. https://MyAwesomeApp.OnMyWebSite ....

We have a registered domain. Currently I have the ISP setup to redirect all URL requests for https://MyAwesomeApp.OnMyWebSite to but I also want the URL that display in the browser to be nicer.

Can I do that using SEO friendly URLS on service centre?

Thank you!

Hi Vonnelize,

I don't think that's possible (SEO is for paths within a domain), but I'd contact OutSystems Support and ask them if it's possible what you want.

Hi Vonnelize,

Yes you can make your urls more friendly with SEO, but not if:

  • You are using OutSystems on JAVA stack
  • Developing a Reactive Web App (although SEO rules is on road map for Reactive Web).

Also you should setup the custom DNS Name with a custom SSL domain certificate.



Thanks for the feedback Kilian and Daniel. I am going to try Daniel's suggestion and if I dont have luck I will try Killian's.

I will post back here with feedback in a bit.

Thanks so much!

Hi Vonnelize,

Were you able to get different domains pointing at your OutSystems apps?  We're looking to do something similar and are wondering if it's possible.