Compare two records to find different atrributes

Compare two records to find different atrributes

Hello all,

Is there an easier way to compare two records  than going attribute by attribute?

I have entities with 20 attributes and it ain't very nice ... ain't done it yet, but can't remember any other way...

Hello Miguel,

I don't know if this works for you, but you can convert the two records to XML using the XML extension and then compare the output using the Compare2XML extension.

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Hi there,

If you are using SQL Server, then you might want to give a try to Volpet's Table Diff:

You can try a fully-functional copy for 30 days.

Please let me know for anything.

Hello all,

By using xml i think i'd have to check field by field or it uses another method ?  I haven't used that extension yet.

The second solution ain't free and i don't think my client would like to pay for it... :P Futhermore, i don't really like to mess the database with outsystems, i  think it ain't supposed to be that way.

I Miguel. Have you found a solution for what you wanted to do? I'm facing the same situation and I'm also in doubt on what to do...


Hi all.

If you're comparing records of the same record definition and you just want to know if they're equal or not, you can use the equal operator do to so.
Ex: Entity1 is Record of SomeEntity and Entity2 is Record of SomeEntity with some attributes (a,b,c,etc.)
You can compare them by using Entity1 = Entity2.

The OutSystems Platform will compare them attribute by attribute and output the result.
If you need to know what attributes are different you can use the an extension to do so. Check this

André Vieira