I'm Sorry. I'm no good at English so my sentences may be terrible.

Could you tell me about the subject?
I checked the following site and examined it, but I did not understand.


The site has the following statement, and we purchased it before that date.

>"Applies to OutSystems licenses purchased after January 2020."

Also, does "External Users" match with the recognition that they are created on the Users page?

Thank you.


To answer your question, "External Users" and "Internal Users" are both End Users (They are created in the Users page).

They are only different in that Internal Users have email addresses with domains listed in the "Classification Rules".



Thank you very much for the prompt response.

My interpretation was wrong because there was no "End-Users Configuration" page.

If so, Is there any way to check the end users limit?

I could see the number of users that can log in to the service center, but I did not know the user limit created on the Users page.

Thank you.



Yes there's a way to view the users limit, you should be able to see it on your Service Center under

Administration -> Licensing

I believe it's "Active Named Users" although I am not 100% sure since Service Center recently went through some changes.

Here's a sample screen shot from my personal environment.

Hope this helps.



That was a really big help!

I am so grateful for you!!!

Thank you very much!!!!!