Is there anyway we can save the searched text to database

My requirement is I have a search drop down, suppose if the text what i am searching is not present in the list that value should save to database along with some other attributes present on the same screen with Save click action, Please let me know how to achieve this  

Hi Rajesh, 

I am not getting you properly but as per understanding, you can bind search box with local variable and at the save action you can fetch variable value and pass it in save method. 

If i am wrong, can you please share more details on your question.    


Hi Rajesh,

First create a screen and take one input and add input autocomplete search and bind with entity which you want to use for searching.

after that  create  button for save this input with ajax submit method.

on this action save data in entity and again you find this data you will get in drop down.

Hope this will help you


Rahul Sahu

sorry I forgot to mention, I am using reactive and Dropdown search from interaction