I'm working on Reactive OS 11. I have a question on activating a certain tabs HeaderItem.

I have a list of records. Additional records can be added by filling the form in each tab (the records are one aggregate, but based on the type of records another form is used with other predefined fields), works fine. 

If I want to update an exsisting record i would want the relevant tab to activate (the pencil should activate the first tab, the upload should activate the second). 

I tried to set the tabs to a local variable:

and in the client action set it to 1:

But it doesn't activate the second tab. 

Your help would be much appreciated.

Regards Bouke


Hi Bouke Winsemius,

You can use the Client Action - TabsGoTo- under the Patterns Folder to solve your use-case: 

You just need to give an Id to Tabs and set the target you need:

Let me know if it helped!

Best regards,

Bernardo Cardoso