How to add a module (oml) to an existing application


could you please tell me how to include an existing module (name.oml) into an existing application?

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The idea is that the module to include into the existing application become the home module of the application.



If you have an .oml file and want to include it in an application, you should first install it in your environment. Open it in Service Studio, and publish it for the first time. It will appear in a special application named "Independent Modules":

Open it and you should see your module there:

Click on the arrow pointing right and then you should see a popup similar to this:

All you need to do is select your target application and the module will be moved there.


Thank you Afonso, it`s done!

Nice! If you want to set it as a Home module afterwards, you just need to click on the curved arrow once the module move is done:

Thank you.