TableRecords not showing up in IE 7 with List LateLoad

Hi everyone,

I onder if anyone know why TableRecords don't show up in IE7 if they are empty, and following a List LateLoad widget....

I can see the TableRecords in Firefox and IE8, so why doesn't it show up in IE 7 ?

Any workarounds for this (well, without using preparation ) ?

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Diogo C S Cordeiro
Hi Diogo,

I've had the same problem and the only workaround I found was adding a dummy record with a "No records to show" message to all empty lists that were bound to a table records widget. Also, I'm not sure about this because it was a while ago, but I think it only happened if the List_LateLoad widget was outside the table record's container.
It would be great if anyone knew of a better workaround!

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João Abreu
I thought another workaround is to add "display:visible" or something similar in the extended properties.

It has something to do with the order of rendering of the widgets.
The table will be rendered with display:none at first, and after the ajax is executed it will show up.

Hello Diogo,

Yesterday I was also searching on this 'error' and found this topic:

There are 'several' solutions described, but still hoping a solution is gonne be found so this can be set on CSS level and not on Table level.

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