Database usage at 48% of 2Gb in less than 1 month - How to clean it?

Dear all,

I am learning to develop mobile apps for about 1 month, through the course provided at Outsystems site. 

I noticed that of the 2Gb available, I already consumed 976Mb in this period of time, of which 950Mb in system data. It should be noted that until now I have worked essencially on the development of the ToDo application, which is part of the Outsystems mobile application development course.

I tried to free up database space and I can`t - >Message: "There are no Module versions to be deleted" , "256 module versions are excluded from this list because they are used in tagged versions of applications or solutions"

I am really concerned. I am investing time in this training and I will easily reach the limit of usage (2Gb) if nothing is done by myself.

I ask for your help on how to proceed to free up memory space from database. 

Thank you and best regards,

Luis Barqueira

Hi Luis,

It happens with personal environments because every time we publish any module, a new version is created by outsystems and that holds space on storage. Also if you delete some tabe or column outsystems does not delete it's actual database table so that later if you want it can be recovered.

So you can do two things. 

1. If the above message you have shared is displayed when you see modules version's older then last 1 month then you can search for module version older then 1 week and delete them.

2. Use db cleaner component from forge and delete unused items.

3. Contact outsystems support if your database is full and you are still not able to clean it from your end.

Hi Nikhil,

Thank you for your answer.

Regarding your suggestions to solve the database issue:

1) I searched for module versions older than 1 week and I received the same message;

2) DB Cleaner does not clean tagged versions of apps/modules;

3) Already did it.

After some research at the forum about thiis issue I found the following post that points a solution:

As you can understand,  the solution is not exactly easy to implement by someone that is still learning. By the way, there is no pratical exercise on API during the Training Course for OS11.

I don`t want to jump to conclusions, I will wait for your answers as well as support, but for now my first thinking is:

It would be more transparent if Outsystems announces a 1 month free trial of the platforms.

Thank you,


This component works for me mostly.

Additionally there might be a lot of versions for some espaces. So better to just download a copy of those. Delete them. And reinstall gain. Removes all the versioning junk data which takes most of the space from my experience. 

Hi Tushar,

have you accomplish with Clear on Steroids to delete an application version which is tagged?

In personal environment, if we are developing a mobile app, when we publish it, automaticaly tags. 

I could not delete old espaces with Lifetime because they were tagged.

Thank you,