Core Adoption Phases for Outsystems

Hey team, What are main Adoption Phases for Outsystems? Can you share your experiences and how you guys managed your ROI?

Hello Joe,

By setting up a Digital Factory with OutSystems, we mainly see OutSystems customers scattered in three different adoption phases:

- Foundation (one team delivering first projects)

- Center of Excellence (multiple projects across multiple teams)

- Full Digital enterprise (multiple teams across multiple lines of business or geos)

Regarding ROI, I suggest to watch the following webinar, where OutSystems shares the quantitative results of some recent customer projects and dissect the methodology for determining ROI:

If you are interest to know more about the roles and talent needed to put this in place, please check:

Hope this helps you.

I would be happy to understand better your needs and use case, don't hesitate and contact-me if you need further clarifications on this topic.