Is there possibility to automatically update dependancies for all modules for specific application ?

Currently when we change anything we have to go all the blocks that are using that depandance to update it 

Hi Anahit,

You can publish a solution in Service Center with all the modules that you need to update.

Hope this can help.

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Ricardo M Pereira


Answer from Outsystems support. 

there are two ways for you to speed up the process of refreshing your dependencies.

  • Service Center
  • Service Studio

1.  Using Service Center

  • Access Service Center > Access the specific Producer eSpace that other consumers are depending on (i.e. Sort Test) > Publish All Consumers

2. Using Service Studio

  • Access Service Studio > Select and Open the Module that others are dependent on (i.e. OSMDb_Core) > Select the Module tab > Select Download all consumers > You will Receive a message > Choose "Proceed" 
  • You will notice a "Consumer" will open. (i.e OSMDb in the image tab). If there are many modules dependent on that particular module, they will all open in multiple tabs.
  • Now return to the module (i.e. OSMDb_Core) > Select "Module > Select "Refresh all open Consumers" > This should refresh all the consumers dependencies.