Update Action Response Nulled?

So I have an action that requires a StatusId, and Status Description to be requested to update those fields. The request is filled as the action runs, but the response shows nothing. Consequently, when updating the record with the given attributes all of the other attributes are seemingly deleted. I have the mapping set for what's in the request and all other attributes to just use a get to retrieve the other data but for some reason that data gets removed upon finishing. My mentor says I need an Update SQL statement. What would that look like? If that's what you all recommend.

Hope this helps

Hello Jaret Sanchez,

Yes it is a problem when using the update entity action as the other attributes are updated null.

Using the sql will update only particular attributes and not all.

Update table

set columnname = 'new value'

where condition

I see that you have used the same recognition for both new value and the condition.

I would suggest you to elaborate what is needed to be updated and we can correct the sql as needed.