Question about WCF Webservices

Question about WCF Webservices


The outsystems platform is compatible with WCF Webservices?

I've been trying to add a service reference through an extension, in order to that i have to add a service reference (through Visual Studio) to the extension, but that option is not available in Visual Studio, only "Add web reference" appears.

Although, in other projects other than the outsystems extensions ones i can add a service reference to a solution.

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Diogo Proença
Hi Diogo,

Maybe this article on Consuming a WCF service in Visual Studio can help you out:

Tiago Simões
Hi Diogo,

There is updated information about the OutSystems compatibility with WCF web services in the forum topic WCF vs ASMX WebServices.

Version 5.0 of the OutSystems Agile Platform can seamlessly import WCF-generated Web References.

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Daniel Lourenço

After I passed Trainee developer course, I tried to do first my project.
I successfully added web reference of web service ,which I have developed in VS2100 C#.
Outsystem imported the web service without any problem.

But, when I create a web screen with 2 textbox and one button to call one of web service method, got an error.
"Method WRefUser.Logout can not be reflected."

In details the ifirst error is "Member 'SecurityExport.varWSMessage' hides inherited member 'BaseProfitsExport.varWSMessage', but has different custom attributes."

I don't know how to fix it or what to do so ever.

Please, if somebody has experience, help me.

Can you share the wsdl please?
and even an oml if possible, otherwise it's just guessing :)

I know that OS, even though the wsdl will be imported correctly, will not always be happy about the wsdl runtime.
Especially with complex structures.

OK after one week of tryings and failings I found the answer.

I was confused because my service works perfectly with .NET window form.

The problem was in Data-contract of me web-service. I have a Base-class and all other Data-contract Classes is inheritance of Base-class . This is the problem! No inheritance!

After that, next problem was SOΑP.
I needed to change endpoint type to basic from ws.