In my lifetime I find like this:

  out_core(module)  modified: 2020/02/01  tag vesion : 0.78

  out_core(module)  modified: 2020/03/02  tag vesion: 0.77

why old oml has new version?

Can you please share a screenshot or give us better context? Is there a problem with the versions presented or do you find it strange those versions appearing?

Usually lifetime shows old versions that were tagged in case you want to stage that specific version. Here you can find a bit more information on deploying an application: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Managing_the_Applications_Lifecycle/Deploy_Applications/Deploy_an_Application

Hi Cristiana Umbelino,

I up the screenshot , Thank you very munch.




Hi Fly,

This may happen in below scenario:

  1. You have a module with version 1
  2. You did some changes and tagged it with version 3
  3. Later you did some more changes and tagged it with version 2 this time

Now if you see second change (older one) was tagged as version 3 and third change (newer one) is tagged as version 2. This way your scenario can happen.


Hi, Nikhil Gaur,

Thank you very much.