Rich Widgets\List Navigation


I've just completed 'Developer 1', on-line training. My question relates to the above Rich Widget.

The browser, when opened shows a list of 5 records (out of a total of 11), therefore I should be able to 'Navigate' from page 1 through to page 3, with the 'previous', 'next' and page numbers available.

The problem I have, is the 'previous' button and page 1 are inaccessible.

Please see attached document.


Steve Maddocks.
Hi Steve,

Previous and Page 1 are inaccessible because you are already on page 1.
If you move to other pages they should become enabled.

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago,

                it makes no difference.

As you can see from the attachement below, previous is greyed out and page 1 is inaccessible.

I've read through the exercise (Paging and Sorting) and can't see that I've missed anything out.

Would it be worth me e-mailing you my  '.oml'  file, so you can see for yourself ?


Steve Maddocks.

Hi Stephen.

Indeed, it should be like Tiago said. If you don't have a problem with it, just attach your .oml file to your next post here so that someone can try and see if there's something out of the ordinary. Sometimes it only takes a second look to figure out what's wrong!

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo,

                 As suggested, please find attached my '.oml' file.

Hope you can reproduce or se where I'm going wrong.


Steve Maddocs.
Hi Steve,

The problem is that in the RefreshTable action you are only refreshing the TableRecords widget and not the ListNavigation widget.
To fix this just create a container with both widgets and refresh this container in the RefreshTable action.

Tiago Simõies
Hi Tiago,

                    thanks for your expert advice.

Created a container, which had both the TableRecords and ListNavigation widgets - then referenced this in the RefreshTable action and SUCCESS !!!!

The Page Navigation now works a treat.

Once again, thanks for your advice.