Error Logs growing outsystems database

Good afternoon,

I'm facing a weird situation. Today my on prem PRD outsystems platform just ran out of disk space out of nowhere.

I freed up around 50gb that got devoured. I think its my outsystems database that is currently at 300gb.

Looking at the tables i can see that the error_detail and error table are just enourmous. 

Anything i can do to clear these up using outsystems tools? Or just clear older data using SQLServer STudio?

kinda regards.


What you can do is install DBCleanerOnSterioids from the Forge.

Then ad utomatic cleanup tasks for each log typeand limit the number of days to less that the total period of all log files. The log rotation is 9 weeks in PaaS solution.

Then schedule this job to run during every night.

You can also limit the amount of logging by selectively disable activity logging on integration and extensions. These tend to generate a lot of data also.

This is how we do it.