Request Endorsements for the Associate Developer Certification.


I've just completed the 'Developer 1' on-line training course successfully.

When I try to obtain the above Request, the screen shows me amongst other things a 'blank' e-mail list box. The text above says;

"The certified Delivery Managers or above, with the e-mails listed below will be asked to endorse you".

How do I contact any of them, when the list box is empty?

How do I mve forward, with this.


Steve Maddocks.

Hi Steve,

Thanks a lot for your interest in the OutSystems certifications.

To become an Associate Developer you can enroll in a training Boot Camp or you request a peer in a project to endorse you. This is so because OutSystems certifies experience, meaning that every certified individual works or has worked in Agile Projects using the OutSystems technology.

Take a look at the certification program here and let me know if I was able to help you.