[OnTrack ECT Connector] screen content missing

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Published on 2016-07-05 by Ricardo Gonzaga
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Published on 2016-07-05 by Ricardo Gonzaga

Hi guys. We have had ontrack working successfully for quite a while. Ontrack is setup in our DEV environment and takes in feedback from both DEV and QA environment. Recently , possibly after our upgrade to outsystems version 11 , Our screen content is missing on issues submitted from the QA environment. Screen content from DEV still shows up. See attached screenshot of missing content

We are on the Outsystems cloud if that makes any difference. In the ECT mappings we had to redo them because our "Environment Id" for QA changed. I'm assuming this happened after upgrade to version 11. 

After making new mappings with the QA espaces that have the new id , feedback from QA started coming in again but its missing the screenshot. Any ideas on why the screen content is missing ?

One more thing. If you look in the feedback app, the screen content is there. Its getting lost on the import into Ontrack.

Sorry my environment id (serial) did not change. I just confused my qa id with my prod id. Still not sure why the screen content is missing.