Getting started

Hey Experts,

What are the key basic onboarding components required when getting ready with OutSystems?

Hi Joe,

What do you mean by "onboarding components"?

Hey Kilian, key things for getting started with out systems? Training's, installations, planning & designing, support model, licenses managements etc - any thoughts?

Hi Joe,

I'll ask around to see who could answer these questions. Sorry for the delay!

Hello Kilian,

Any high level inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hello Joe,

Technology exploration

To help the team getting a first impression of our technology in a fast way, I would like to suggest an introductory session called JumpStart training. This is a one day training session that is free of charge. 


There are several training materials are available here. I suggest you to take a look into the Guided paths and the Training Planner a way to create a custom training plan based on your application needs.

Please find here an article that also contains some guidance regarding the first contact with OutSystems.

If you are interest to know more about the roles and talent needed to adopt OutSystems please check:


You can find here Support terms and other relevant information:

Regarding installation, planning and other topics, really depend on the use case and your company needs.

I would be happy to understand better your needs and use case, don't hesitate and contact-me if you need further clarifications on this topic.

Hope this helps you.