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This is what i need:

Application sends email to user.
In the email the user has two buttons ('approve, reprove'), that interacts directly with the application by clicking either one of the buttons.

note: either button calls a function that receives several inputs.

What i need is to afford the users the possibility of approving/reproving something (bills for example) by mail.

Is it possible?

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Hi Rui,

I've never actually done it but I suspect that shouldn't be too hard.

The issue is that probably you will not be able to to use "real buttons" as many e-mail clients do not support embedded forms.

The way around this will be to create two images, one for approve and another one for disaprove, and associate a link to them.

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Hi Rui,

You could create a separate E-space that has no login mechanism which enables you to directly handle parameters.

You could create two MD5 strings that are put in a web link and mailed to the user.
String one is the MD5 translation of the Invoice number, the amount, and the approval of that invoice.
String two is the MD5 translation of the Invoice number, the amount, and the DISapproval of that invoice.

The webscreen that receives the parameter will check which action and which invoice is attached to the MD5 key and will handle according to the users selection.

You could i.e. close the screen after a given period. (e.g. 3 seconds of showing a confirmation)

This construction has two weaknesses:
1. It is sensitive to DOS attacks.
2. It gives manual trouble when a user by accident clicks to APPROVE while he ment DISAPPROVE

Ofcourse you could also use a single sign-on strategy and including a form in the E-mail.

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