SQL Query output Entities/Structures can mix?

Output Structure is mandatory.

If SQL individual fields order matches Output Structures,structures type can mix Entity and Structures?

Entity ONLY? structures ONLY?


Hi Erina,

you can add multiple output structures and/or entities in any way you want, as long as their attributes match the columns data types and order in the SELECT clause.

Hope this helps!



In addition, I want to mention that the official documentation is rather sparse, and in need of some extending on this point. I can understand your question!

That said, one word of advice: always make sure that before you start writing a SQL query, you are certain that it can't be done with an Aggregate. Aggregates are the #1 low-code way of writing queries, and you should only resort to SQL queries if you want to do something that an Aggregate can't provide (like subqueries, or updates, etc.).