[REACT] Difference between External URL and Destination Action


In reactive web apps, what's the difference between navigating to another screen using the external URL action or the destination action?

In terms of client variables, everything stays the same using any of the actions.

Does the DOM reload? Is the type of web request different?




Hi Nuno,

Great question. Yes, with external URLs the DOM reloads, if the destination is in the same module it doesn't. If the destination is in a different module it will also reload the DOM, but having a screen destination is better because you'll get TrueChange errors if you add mandatory screen input parameters or if you change parameter types. Also, because screens are weak references, publishing a producer does not force you to publish a consumer (unless you do have differences in the input parameters). 

Tiago Simões


Hi Tiago,

Thank you. 

In an ideal scenario, only screen destination should be used.The point is that in this scenario I want to implement something more dynamic without having to use fixed conditions (ifs or switch).