Translation of data and API calls to send the translate data

Hi there,

I'm working on a project wherein I need to translate the data in the database or coming in JSON to an EDI format (EDIFact or ANSI - standard formats) & make an API call to send an external party?

What are the options available on the platform for the translation or data conversion process?



Hi Vikram,

OutSystems does support JSON in the platform, it does not support conversion from / to EDIFact format.

You will have to develop that yourself or consume an SOAP Service or REST service of a third party that implements the EDIFact conversion.

Alternatively if there is a C# SDK for EDIFact conversion you could create an OutSystems extension.

I would always first see if you can consume an REST or SOAP service.



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the information. There are 3rd parties which can consume the SOAP/REST ( conditions applied) but then for a volume I need this it is unsustainable. Also another hop in my data flow brings in its vulnerability. 

Considering I'm a novice on outsystems, does it allow me write a custom (defeats purpose of lcd) program to convert a database object to the EDI message and store in the file server for next processing? I wish to retain control over this process. 

I will look into the c# extension.