OutSystems Now stopped working with TestFlight

I have been using OutSystems Now with TestFlight on my iPhone. It was working fine until yesterday evening. Today I got an error that the beta period of the app has expired. The older version of OutSystems Now on my iPad is working fine. What happened? Anything I can do to get OutSystems on my iPhone?

Welcome in the wonderful world of Apple App Development. If Apple thinks your app isn't suited for their store, like business apps with no registration possibility or apps that generate revenue but apple isn't receiving any of of it, then your out of luck. And I suspect that OutSystems is suffering from the latter.

I have been into that situation and there is simply nothing you can do about it. Apple dictates what happens on their platform and since they don't have a monopoly on the mobile market no authority is going to investigate this and stop this practice. 

What OutSystems could do is release OutSystems Now on the forge and allow us to create our own IPA file that we then can distribute via an MDM platform to our development iPhone. But for some reason this isn't happening either. So I will hold onto my current iPhone that has an installation of OutSystems Now and hope nothing happens to it in the near future.